Two of the Best Activities for Older Adults: Art and Music

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Two of the Best Activities for Older Adults: Art and Music
Two multi-ethnic senior women sitting outdoors at easels painting pictures on canvases. The focus is on the African American woman who is holding a paintbrush and looking up at her artwork as she laughs.

Learn more about some of the best activities for older adults.

We often hear about the importance of the arts in our children’s education, but what about when we grow older? Art plays a valuable role in learning throughout our lives, and is, in fact, one of the best activities for older adults because of the many benefits it provides.

For many older adults, in particular those who have lost a spouse or who struggle with getting out because of mobility issues, everyday life can become monotonous and feelings of despondency and isolation are common. However, the addition of activities for older adults can help combat these feelings and provide a therapeutic way for older adults to express themselves. Incorporating arts and music into daily care not only provides emotional enrichment, but can significantly enhance quality of life and even improve the senior’s physical and mental capacities.

In fact:

  • Drawing and painting can help improve mental stimulation and fine motor skills
  • Seniors display less anxiety and apathy after visiting an art museum
  • Music can aid in pain reduction, coping with stress and in boosting the immune system
  • Music helps to reduce anxiety, agitation, depression and loneliness
  • Music and art are particularly helpful for seniors with dementia such as Alzheimer’s disease
  • Art therapy can help those with dementia regain lost muscle function and coordination
  • Music that a senior loved in younger years can help trigger memories

Research conducted by CoroHealth Music First found that agitation and depression decreased by as much as 54% when older adults were routinely exposed to music they enjoyed. And we at Hired Hands Homecare, providers of the senior care Santa Rosa, CA families trust, aren’t surprised – music is a source of comfort for all of us. We have found the rejuvenating effects of music and art to be especially important in our Santa Rosa home care services.

If you have a loved one in need of dedicated, enriching home care services in Marin, Sonoma, Napa counties or the Tri-Valley, contact Hired Hands Homecare to learn more about our services.

One thought on “Two of the Best Activities for Older Adults: Art and Music

  1. Art and music can also benefit in many other ways. But most importantly, if you consider, these are greay ways to increase socialization for seniors who feel lonely and isolated due to many health and lifestyle factors.

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