Celebrating a Super Star… the APPLE of Our Eye!

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Celebrating a Super Star… the APPLE of Our Eye!

It was such an honor to go out and deliver recognition to Apple as our most recent Employee of the Month!  We have had the absolute pleasure of working with Apple for close to five years now, and she has developed into an amazing caregiver and has become Napa’s go to caregiver for so many reasons.  Apple has a positive, friendly approachable attitude and has been so extremely helpful, flexible and willing to jump in wherever needed.  Apple has worked hard to develop her skill set, and is now an active member on both our Hospice and Alzheimer’s’/Dementia Care Teams.

She recently stepped in when we needed her on a hospice client with little notice, and they absolutely loved her.  When we ask her to switch her shift out and run on over to assist with a difficult case in Marin this last week, her response…”sure, I can do that!”  As Megan stated’ “Apple was one of the first caregivers I got to know working in Marin and I feel like we all are very fortunate to have her in the Hired Hands Family, because she cares for all! ”

We appreciate Apple for so many reasons and I just wanted to share her smiling face. Apple, it is an absolute honor to have you on our Team!  We know that you will continue to touch the hearts of so many more clients and families.  We hope you know what you bring to each of your clients is impossible to replace.  Your caring heart is what it is all about!

Thank you, from your Hired Hands Family!  You’re certainly the Apple of our Eye!


“Thank you Megan and everyone for all of your kind words and appreciation. I do what I do to spread love and care to people especially to the ones who needs the most. I also wouldn’t be where I am today and love what I do for a living without all your support as a team. It’s always been an honor working in this HIRED HANDS. I wish you all a beautiful week filled with love and happiness.”


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