Family Caregivers, You’re Not Alone! Find Relief with Respite Care Services

Family Caregivers, You’re Not Alone! Find Relief with Respite Care Services
Close group of mixed age and senior people

Family caregivers can find the support they need with respite care services.

In spite of spending plenty of time with a senior loved one, family caregivers can often feel very isolated and alone. These feelings, although normal, can result in depression and other health problems if not kept in check. When family and friends are not available to help provide respite care services, there are several community service options that can help family caregivers care for their loved ones.

    • Senior Centers and Other Senior Organizations: Local senior centers often have programs or can offer other resources to family caregivers in need of respite.
    • Veterans’ Programs: Family caregivers who are caring for a veteran can explore whether the person is qualified to receive financial coverage for home care or adult day care.
    • Adult Day Care: For seniors who are well enough, an adult day care center can provide family caregivers with needed breaks during the day or week, while providing seniors with a chance to socialize and to spend some time outside the home as well.
  • Local Agency on Aging: Contact your local Agency on Aging for more caregiving resources available in your area.

Additionally, local home care agencies like Hired Hands Homecare are available with expert caregivers to provide respite care services whenever the need arises. Contact Hired Hands Homecare,  the experts in home care in Walnut Creek, by calling (866) 940-4343. We offer a full range of in-home care services, such as planning and preparing meals, light housework, grocery shopping and running other errands, transportation, companionship, and so much more. Let us know how we can help you and your senior loved one improve quality of life! See our full service area in California.

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