Molly personifies what makes Hired Hands Homecare different!

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Molly personifies what makes Hired Hands Homecare different!

Senior care is an extremely rewarding but challenging field to be in.  We’re dealing with all sorts of people on a daily basis.   Our outstanding Management Team communicates constantly with our dedicated Caregivers.  We work closely with the senior we are assisting, as well as their family, community partners, and medical team to make sure everything is going according to plan.  We’re very proud of our reputation of closely managing our cases, but sometimes, things don’t go exactly the way they are supposed to.

With all those variables, occasionally we get thrown a curve ball or two.  This week was a good example.  Early in the week, we ran into a situation with a client where their medical supplies had not been properly delivered.   That evening, after 9 pm, our On-Call Coordinator was notified that the Client did not have ample supplies on hand for our Caregivers to provide the proper personal care.  It was something that certainly could not be postponed until the next day.  Molly, our Marin Homecare Manager was notified of the situation, and before anyone could decide what to do, she was in her car, drove to the office, procured the necessary supplies, and delivered across Marin to the client’s home.  Emergency diffused by quick thinking and dedicated actions!

The week is not over though!  Hired Hands Homecare is proud to work collaboratively with a number of Hospices.  Last night, one of our families was in great need of spiritual support during a very difficult time.  Unfortunately, their scheduled spiritual adviser had not arrived as scheduled.  Again, our On-Call Coordinator was notified of the situation, and Molly was brought up to speed. Fortunately, she has close ties in the spiritual community.  The problem progressed considering that it was Thursday evening, and no churches were answering their office phones.  Once again, Molly jumped to the charge, and literally drove to several churches, before she was able to find a spiritual adviser that could immediately assist the family in need.  Unbelievable!

We all get thrown curve balls in life.  It is how you deal with them that makes the difference!  Hired Hands Homecare would like to raise our collective glasses and cheer one of our own!  Molly, you are one in a million.  Thanks for being you, and making such an important impact on our organization and the people we have the honor to work with.  You personify the Hired Hands Homecare difference!

A shower of Washingtons is a small token of our appreciation for you, and all you do!

Rockstar Molly3

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