Overcome These Common Obstacles to Family Caregivers and Seniors Using Technology

Overcome These Common Obstacles to Family Caregivers and Seniors Using Technology

Seniors and their family seem to want to use care technology solutions. Find out why they typically are not.

Today’s older adults are overrun with an explosion of hi-tech products focused on bettering their independence and safety and providing life enhancement. With the touch of a button or two, older adults can automatically visit “in person” with friends and family through Skype, wear a pendant that takes action with emergency help and support when necessary, and even remain safe from getting lost with specialized receptors attached to clothes or shoes. 

The issue becomes how to encourage older adults (and family members who care for them) to shift from a low-tech frame of mind to embracing all that’s available to them, something that is continually top of mind for us at Hired Hands Homecare. AARP reports that only 7% of family care providers are currently using technology solutions in their caregiving, but that 71% are interested in technology that would make tasks easier. Why the gap between interest and usage of caregiving tech solutions?

There are several common obstacles to seniors and their family caregivers using technology:

  • A stigma. Some people may consider the use of technology, such as medical alert jewelry, as a loss of their self-reliance.
  • Finding help. Problem-solving with technology leads many older adults and their caregivers to quit trying to get devices to work. 
  • A lack of time. Finding time to learn and try something new is particularly daunting for busy families who take care of their loved ones. 

If you want to try to integrate medical technology into senior caregiving but are experiencing these complications, call on Hired Hands Homecare, the top providers of home care in Napa and the surrounding areas, for help. Our capable and patient care aides can help overcome barriers to seniors using technology by:   

• Recommending technology that suits a loved one’s personality and challenges   

• Providing instruction on how to use the technology 

Whether it is educating on how to enjoy applications on a tablet device, or arranging for a personal medical alert system, we can keep older adults connected to family and friends and help them enjoy life to the fullest through our home care solutions. Contact us any time at (866) 940-4343 to learn more about our personalized home care services for seniors.

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