Prevent Senior Falls with These Tips From Hired Hands Homecare

Prevent Senior Falls with These Tips From Hired Hands Homecare

Hired Hands Homecare offers tips to prevent senior falls.

Falling is never fun, but for an older adult, a fall can result in devastating effects, like a fractured hip, which can escalate to a full range of additional health problems. A full 25% of seniors who fracture a hip end up dying within six months of the injury; a shocking, yet preventable statistic.

Taking time to make some simple modifications to the home can help create a safer environment for your senior loved ones and help prevent dangerous senior falls. Below are some easy home modification ideas from the home care Marin CA services team at Hired Hands Homecare that can be implemented to help lower the risk of falls for the elderly.


Replace light bulbs routinely to ensure there is sufficient illumination in the home

Utilize nightlights or motion sensor lights for improved visibility at night

Make sure there are no electrical cords stretched across walking areas


Install low pile carpet or slip-proof tile

Remove throw rugs, or secure them with non-slip tape

Use contrasting colors with paint, carpet and furniture to designate changes in surface types or levels

Refrain from using floor polish


Install grab bars on walls around the bathtub and alongside the toilet, strong enough to support your full weight

Add slip-proof mats or strips in and around the tub

Place a liquid soap dispenser on the bathtub wall

Install a portable, hand-held shower head

Add a padded bath or shower seat

Additionally, there are a number of items on the market that can help with preventing senior falls at home. Just a few include:

Door Alarms: If your senior loved one has a tendency to wander, especially at night, door alarms can help alert you or a caregiver that the senior is moving about and may be in danger of falling.

Monitoring Systems: Monitoring systems have become a popular and effective way to track a senior’s movements at home. Sensors can be placed throughout the home to monitor movements, and some even include call functions for the older person to alert a caregiver if he or she experiences a fall or other emergency.

Fall Management Slippers and Socks: These products are available with rubber grips on the bottom to help reduce the risk of a fall, and are ideal for older adults who are at higher risk for falls. There are even slip-resistant socks that can be worn in the shower.

Bedrails: Many senior falls occur during the night as older adults move about in their sleep or get up during the night. Bedrails can prevent seniors from falling out of bed and offer them something to grip when standing up to get out of bed.

With an increased number of seniors choosing to age in place at home rather than moving into assisted living facilities, it’s crucial to make sure that the home is as safe as possible. The Walnut Creek in home care team at Hired Hands Homecare can help families assess the risk of senior falls in the home, make home modification suggestions, and provide the dedicated, loving home care Walnut Creek seniors need. Contact us today to learn more about our in home care services in Walnut Creek and the surrounding areas

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