How Having A Stroke Impacts the Brain and Functionality

How Having A Stroke Impacts the Brain and Functionality
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Understanding how the brain may be impacted after a stroke can help caregivers create the most appropriate plan of care.

A stroke is a difficult experience to encounter, and no two individuals are impacted in the same way. While some stroke survivors will have few, if any, lingering effects post-stroke, for many, a stroke will be a life-altering event that results in weakness, numbness, or paralysis on one or both sides of the body. A stroke can affect the individual’s coordination and balance, as well as result in changes in behavior and judgment.

Comprehending why a stroke survivor is acting a certain way or experiencing particular symptoms can often help caregivers create the most appropriate plan of care. Below are just a few ways that having a stroke might impact a person’s brain and level of functionality.

A stroke in the right section of the brain can lead to:

  • Difficulties with judging distances.
  • Impaired behavior and judgment. The stroke survivor might attempt to accomplish things that should not be undertaken, such as driving a car. Individuals with poor judgment will need guidance in decision-making.
  • Short-term loss of memory.

A stroke in the left section of the brain can lead to:

  • Language and speech problems.
  • Cautious and slow behavior. The cautious or confused stroke survivor will feel most comfortable in an ordered environment.
  • Memory difficulties. The stroke survivor might not remember something that happened fifteen minutes ago, or may struggle with learning new things. At times, this memory loss can be so subtle that family and friends may not even notice it at first.

A stroke can happen to other areas of the brain as well, resulting in additional physical and mental changes. If your loved one is recovering from a stroke, his or her doctor should be able to help you better understand how the stroke will impact his or her daily life and what effects you may expect to see. Home alterations could be beneficial in helping your loved one maneuver more safely throughout the home. Hired Hands Homecare of Santa Rosa can help evaluate your loved one’s home to uncover any safety risks and create a plan of care to meet his or her specific needs after a stroke. Call us today at (866) 940-4343 or contact us online to learn more about our professional in-home care services and how we provide the best at home caregivers Santa Rosa has to offer. To learn more about all of the other areas that we serve in California, please visit our Locations & Service Area page.

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