Your Top Alzheimer’s Questions Answered by the Professionals at Hired Hands Homecare

Facing the challenges of Alzheimer’s disease in a senior loved one raises a multitude of questions: Is it truly Alzheimer’s, or could it be another type of dementia? What’s the cause of Alzheimer’s? What treatment possibilities are there? And how is it diagnosed, anyway? With our comprehensive experience in caring for those who have Alzheimer’s, […]

Hired Hands’ California Dementia Care Separates Fact from Fiction

Have you tried Googling “Alzheimer’s disease” and attempted to sift through the millions of results that instantly pop up? As wonderful as the age of the Internet is, it can also be overwhelming to try to sort out the true facts from the overabundance of old wives’ tales. At Hired Hands Homecare, our California dementia […]

The Stages of Alzheimer’s and Care Tips for Each

Understanding the complexities of Alzheimer’s is challenging, to say the least. Since it impacts each person uniquely, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to providing care. However, there are some broad similarities that can be categorized into three stages: Beginning Stage: This stage of the disease can last for years. Your loved one may experience some changes […]