The Top Reason Seniors May Reject the Idea of Caregiver Services: It May Surprise You!

The Top Reason Seniors May Reject the Idea of Caregiver Services: It May Surprise You!
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Older adults tend to resist the idea of caregiver services for one surprising reason.

As the top San Rafael home care providers for the surrounding area, we see firsthand everyday the joy, companionship, and enhanced quality of life older adults receive through our caregiver services. Yet we also know that many seniors initially reject the idea of in-home care help.

To help overcome a senior’s objections to the care needed, it’s important to first understand why he or she is opposed to help at home. And while of course each person will have unique reasoning to support declining help, some of the more common feelings include:

  • Fear of lost freedom and independence
  • A desire to remain in control, and not wanting someone to come in and “take over”
  • Not wanting a “stranger” in the home
  • Feelings of shame or embarrassment in the need to rely on someone else

What may surprise you, however, is the top concern seniors express about caregiver services: that they won’t know how to entertain the person providing care.

It’s important to listen to the particular concerns your loved one expresses about accepting assistance at home, to acknowledge those feelings, and to provide facts to help the senior better understand what professional caregiver services entail.

For instance, the caregivers at Hired Hands Homecare are:

  • Adept at fostering freedom and independence in seniors, empowering them to continue to make their own decisions and simply offering support where needed
  • Fully trained and experienced in a wide range of aging caregiving services, including respectful attention to care needs with the dignity each person deserves
  • Carefully matched to a senior based upon personality type, likes/dislikes, interests, and more, leading to a fast bond between both senior and caregiver
  • Extensively background checked, screened, bonded and insured, for safety and peace of mind

Partnering with Hired Hands Homecare for professional caregiver services is the ideal solution for many older adults who wish to continue to live at home throughout aging and avoid moving to an assisted living facility. All of our services begin with a free in-home consultation, where we take time to listen to any concerns and challenges being faced, and to create a highly individualized plan of care to address those needs in a way that helps seniors thrive.

With benefits including enhanced safety, reduced risk of falls, hospitalizations and E/R visits, decreased loneliness, and the freedom to go wherever, whenever the senior pleases, seniors have much to gain through engaging the services of our expert care team. Contact us online or call (866) 940-4343 to find out more about our top-rated San Rafael home care and the surrounding communities we serve!

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