11 Benefits of Home Care Services

When it becomes challenging for someone to continue living at home safely and independently, home care is often the ideal solution. Home care empowers people to continue living in the homes they love for a lifetime, whether the need is for just a little support and companionship, full-time, around-the-clock care, or anything in between.

There are many benefits of home care for seniors and their loved ones. Contact us online or call us at (866) 940-4343 to learn about the advantages of home based care and what we can do for you.

Here Are 11 Benefits of Home Care Services

In home Care Services

There are numerous benefits of the in home care services that Hired Hands Homecare provides. Contact us to learn more!

Overall satisfaction.

Generally, in-home care leads to a higher satisfaction with life, even when frailty is a factor.

Respect for loved ones.

Home care, done correctly, allows dignity, independence and maximum comfort for the care recipient.

Health and wellness.

Home care promotes healing. Research demonstrates that patients heal more quickly and comfortably at home versus in a hospital or nursing home setting and there is significantly less chance of rehospitalization when recuperation is at home. (Avalere Study 2008)

Family centered care.

Home care supports and keeps families together. Families tend to stay more involved with the care and maintain closeness with their loved one.

Personalized care.

Home care (mainly paid for by private and not government funds) can offer personalized care tailored to the needs of the family and the individual on any given day, whether that need is as simple as company and conversation or more complex, as in needs with personal care.

Individual attention.

Home care services are delivered one-on-one, assuring more private attention than a nursing home or a facility. There is no “waiting for one’s turn” when care is needed.

Cost-effective care.

Home care is usually cheaper than costs for a nursing home or even assisted living. A good rule is that 8 hours a day or less of home care will be less expensive than moving elsewhere.

Home cooked meals.

A home caregiver produces healthy and nutritional meals that appeal to the individual and can also keep a close eye on the amount of food eaten.

Safe exercise routines.

personalized daily exercise program can be implemented and followed through, with the added safety of a qualified professional being present.

A comfortable setting.

One can never underestimate the benefit of the familiarity of home, whether that be just enjoying a favorite chair or enjoying the daily cup of tea in a familiar corner.

Rides to appointments.

Home care offers accompaniment on transportation to and from various appointments, social activities or errands, allowing families more free time together as well as additional peace of mind.

This is just the tip of iceberg! At Hired Hands Homecare, we have been helping older adults live fuller, richer lives since 1994. Many of our caregivers have been with us for 15 years or more. We are a family committed to making life better for your family through award-winning, customized, respectful care, right in the comfort of home.

Contact Hired Hands Homecare at (866) 940-4343 to learn if our in-home care services in Novato, Pleasanton, Santa Rosa, Napa, Sonoma, or the surrounding areas are the right solution for your situation.

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