Our Coming Home Program: Post-Discharge Care

Post-Discharge Care to Ease the Transition Home

Following a patient’s discharge from a hospital or rehab center, we provide expert non-medical transitional home care to help them regain mobility, independence and comfort at home. Discover how our post-discharge care improves health outcomes.

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Hired Hands Homecare offers post-discharge care to make the transition home from the hospital safer and more comfortable. Learn more about our Coming Home Program and how our post-hospital home care is improving health outcomes for older adults in the Tri-Valley and surrounding areas.

Our support plays an active roll in increasing favorable outcomes and decreasing preventable re-admissions. To produce a superior transition home, Hired Hands Homecare is proud to offer our innovative Coming Home program: a complimentary pre-discharge conference plus an hour-long care manager and caregiver training session with your facility’s interdisciplinary team, including nursing, nutrition, and therapy.

Our Coming Home program integrates our caregiving team with rehab and nursing teams prior to discharge to promote better outcomes by:

• Orienting the Homecare Team with the patient’s particular set of needs
• Establishing a specific Plan of Care, post discharge
• Improving communication between care teams during transfer
• Ensuring safety during the transition home
• Equipping the Homecare Team to best support recovery and rehabilitation, 
   in turn lowering recurrent admission rates
• Promoting patient well-being and highest possible quality of life back home

Our transitional home care services include:

• Assistance with all Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)
   such as dressing, toileting, transfers and walking
• Personal hygiene, bathing, including incontinence care
• Meal preparation and food shopping
• Housekeeping assistance
• Assistance with exercises and activity
• Medication reminders
• Memory care for Alzheimer’s or dementia
• Transportation, errands and miscellaneous shopping
• Socialization and companionship

Want to Learn More About Our PostHospital Home Care

Reach out to us before a senior loved ones surgical procedure or scheduled hospitalization to
put a plan in place for a smooth transition home. Were here to help ease the transition for
unplanned hospitalizations as well. Whatever the need, Hired Hands Homecare is the trusted
source for inhome postdischarge care in Marin, Sonoma, Napa counties and the TriValley.

Discover the relief and peace of mind other families are experiencing by partnering with Hired
Hands Homecare!

Call us any time at (866) 9404343 for a free inhome consultation to learn more about how our home care services in Novato, Pleasanton, Santa Rosa, Napa, Sonoma, and the surrounding areas can help.


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