Amazing Santa Rosa Senior Care Story

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Amazing Santa Rosa Senior Care Story

Jim and santa rosa senior careJim had his second stroke at the age of 61.  It was devastating, but Jim was strong, was surrounded by family, and had a great sense of humor.  Jim was determined to “dive into the deep end” if that was what it would take to get his life back!

Jim’s wife approached Hired Hands in the Spring of 2015.  We would provide a broad range of services to assist Jim in his rehabilitation and recuperation.  Not only did we provide home care services at his home in Santa Rosa, but also at the Santa Rosa Junior College, where he attended conditioning and swimming classes, and speech therapy.   Quite a daily challenge, but Jim was determined… and making great progress!

Today, we received the following note.  After an amazing amount of hard work, Jim has overcome his obstacles, and regained his independence.  It has been an absolute honor being of assistance to Jim and his family, and we fully salute his hard work towards recovery.

“Jaime, This e-mail is to confirm our conversation just now in which I told you that we will no longer need the services of Hired Hands effective today.

We spoke to Jim’s instructors and the SRJC and they feel confident that Jim can take the classes by himself. He has been given the ok to drive himself to the SRJC classes and has successfully and confidently done that several times in the last several weeks.  Therefore we will no longer need the assistance of Hired Hands.  Jim has been improving consistently and I can only believe that it will continue. 

This has been a long haul for us since Jim’s stroke in 9/2014. We appreciate the way in which Hired Hands stepped in in early 2015 in our time of need. I found your services very professional and tactful all along the way and, in particular, in a few difficult situations. Should our need for services arise in the future we will certainly call on you again.  But for now I hope you will celebrate with us Jim’s progress and accomplishments.”

Thank you,

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