Diana Miller, Finance Director

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Diana Miller, Finance Director

Diana Miller

Diana Miller is our Finance Director.  We recently sat down with her to get to know her a little better.  Here’s what Diana had to say!

HH: What initially interested you about Senior Care/ Health Industry?

DM: I became interested in the field because I cared for my mother for several years and then brought in professional homecare to help out.  In my career I have worked as a CFO for a large Optometry Practice for 8 years, managed a government billing department consisting of 34 employees, lead the charity program at a large south bay hospital, managed several Orthopedic Surgeon practices, and was Project Manager at a medical software company which interfaced with all the EMR’s extracting data for government reporting for population health management.

I also have a small home business doing Optometry Consulting.  I also design and produce custom dyed Victorian lampshades which I sell on line and to various regional interior designers.

HH: Wow! It sounds like you keep busy. What motivates you in your daily work?

DM:  I enjoy data and details. I love producing improvements especially in the financial arena.  I like to see when those improvements assist in company growth.

HH: What do you see as the most important personality traits in your profession?

 DM:  I feel I am driven, detailed, and easy going but firm since I do love to see results.

HH: If you were not a professional in the home care industry, what would you be doing?

 DM:  I have a pretty big bucket list.  I’d be creating art and selling it or flipping houses.  I’d also like to travel for a living.  That would be great fun.

HH: If possible, who would you most like to swap places with for a single day?

 DM:  I have always been fascinated with the medieval period.  I would love to trade places with someone from that era who was close to kings and queens and daily castle life.  I would also enjoy seeing some fighting and battles.

HH:  If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

 DM:  The next place I’d like to visit is Scotland for a few weeks.  I’d like to tour the countryside and see a lot of castles and play some golf as well.

HH: What is your favorite hobby or something you are passionate about?

 DM:  I am passionate about a lot of things in my life, cooking, hiking, swimming, kayaking.  Another hobby I enjoy during the summer months is creating picassiette art in making garden pavers, tables, mirrors, bird bathes, wine racks, etc.

HH: What is your favorite family tradition?

 DM:  We all like to have a good time.  Since my children are grown, we like to get together to cook and hike.  We also like to travel and spend holidays together.  We have a tradition of meeting to celebrate our past relatives’ birthdays.  We also make a point of gathering at least once a month for a family meal.

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