Try These Tips to Make Everyday Life Better with Fun Activities for Seniors

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Try These Tips to Make Everyday Life Better with Fun Activities for Seniors
Smiling granddaughter is helping her grandmother to carry home the packages after shopping

Fun activities for seniors can make every day a better day.

Millions of Americans find themselves in a role of providing senior care for an older loved one, and although being a family caregiver is extremely fulfilling in many ways, the everyday tasks involved with senior care can become monotonous for both the caregiver and the older adult. Hired Hands Homecare, providers of the professional senior care Sonoma, CA residents need, wants to help you put the fun back in your loved one’s daily routine. All it takes is a little creativity! Try some of these ideas to help brighten your loved one’s day and make everyday senior care more enjoyable:

Add Style

These tips can add some style and fun to dressing, laundry, and other chores:

  • Ask the senior to help with laundry (sorting/folding/putting away). Utilize this time to discuss your day, a TV show you both enjoy, etc.
  • Go window shopping, try on clothes together, look at magazines and catalogs and pick out fashions you think the other would look good in.
  • Make picking out clothes and accessories to wear each day a fun event!

Spice Up Meals

Food defines our culture, family history and traditions, and is connected with many emotions. Make mealtime more fun by:

  • Taking your time when grocery shopping.
  • Including the senior in washing/drying dishes.
  • Inviting the senior to assist in preparing a traditional family recipe.
  • Spending the evening eating out at a restaurant that serves the senior’s favorite foods from the past.

Hired Hands Homecare’s senior care professionals know that providing care for an elderly loved one can be both rewarding and overwhelming, and we want you to know that you’re not alone. As providers of the trusted senior care Sonoma, CA seniors need, we offer friendly companionship, personal care services such as bathing, dressing, and grooming assistance and motivation to engage in a variety of fun activities for seniors.

Contact us to see how our senior care services in Marin, Sonoma, Napa counties and the Tri-Valley can brighten up everyday life for your senior loved one.

2 thoughts on “Try These Tips to Make Everyday Life Better with Fun Activities for Seniors

  1. Caregiving gives you a chance to improve your skills. Since you will be spending most of your time indoors as a caregiver, you can have plenty of time to improve your skills, particularly when it comes to housekeeping and cooking. One of your tasks as a caregiver will be to cook meals for your care recipient every day. This can serve as a great opportunity to perfect your recipes and learn new ones in the process. Aside from this, you will also be doing general housekeeping tasks, such as cleaning, sweeping, and polishing, on a regular basis, which can greatly enhance your eye for cleanliness and organization.

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