Safely Exercise at Home with the Help of Senior Home Care

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Safely Exercise at Home with the Help of Senior Home Care

exercise at homeA body at rest remains at rest. If exercise hasn’t been a regular part of someone’s everyday routine, there are years of ingrained behavior that need to be overcome when attempting to make activity a part of a senior’s daily life. Making regular activity a part of an older person’s routine will make it easier for him or her to remember to exercise. Incorporate exercise at home into a daily routine for seniors to meet goals, keeping these tips in mind:

  • For someone with frailty, simply getting up and down out of a chair unassisted utilizes muscles that will benefit from movement.
  • First focus on individual goals, concerns, and any barriers standing in the way of exercise.

After enlisting the recommendations of the senior’s physician, even frail seniors should be able to exercise at home, following a plan to help them improve strength and endurance and enhance their overall quality of life. The following tips to integrate a fitness routine into a senior’s daily activities can help:

  • Exercise in brief, 10-minute sessions.
  • Set a schedule. It’s important to reserve particular times each day for exercise, making it an integral, regular part of the person’s daily schedule.
  • Make sure the senior is wearing comfortable clothes that won’t restrict movement.
  • He or she can also wear leg warmers or over-the-knee socks to help prevent sore muscles in the lower leg.
  • If any movement results in pain, stop immediately.

Regular exercise is a vital part of daily life for people of all ages, and Hired Hands Homecare of California can help your senior loved one exercise at home and achieve a whole new lease on life with regular, safely monitored activities. By providing encouragement, and even participating in exercising with the senior, increasing activity levels becomes something he or she will begin to look forward to and enjoy each day. Contact us at 866-940-4343 to learn more and to get started on improving wellness for your senior loved one!

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