Top 5 Osteoarthritis Management Strategies

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Top 5 Osteoarthritis Management Strategies

Osteoarthritis, Petaluma home careOsteoarthritis impacts as many as 27 million Americans, making it the most widespread kind of arthritis. It is a main reason behind work disability and reduced quality of life. Nonetheless, managing osteoarthritis doesn’t mean simply popping pills to numb the pain. There are numerous other methods to deal with osteoarthritis pain.

Once correctly diagnosed, there are multiple tactics to manage the pain of osteoarthritis. Some ways are more common than others, but considering not every person reacts to various treatments in the same manner, it is a good idea for each person to try a few strategies (under the supervision of a health care provider) to discover what works best. The Petaluma home care experts at Hired Hands Homecare recommend the following:

Weight Control

One of the most significant ways to handle the discomfort of arthritis is maintaining a healthy weight. For each pound of weight lost, there is a 4-pound decrease in the load exerted on the knee for every step taken during regular activities; and losing only eleven pounds can reduce the threat of developing knee osteoarthritis by a full 50 percent for some people.

Physical Exercise

Ongoing exercise helps keep joints mobile, lessens pain and strengthens muscles surrounding the joints. Swimming is specifically suitable for those with osteoarthritis since the water’s buoyancy allows for exercise with very little impact stress to the joints while building strength and improving range of motion.

Cold and Warm Therapy

Warm and cold therapy can also provide beneficial pain management methods. Heat therapy, such as a warm shower, heating pad or hot pack can relax rigid and sore muscles. Cold therapy, such as cold compresses and frozen gel packs, helps by desensitizing nerve endings in afflicted locations. Note that those who have Reynaud’s phenomenon should not utilize cold therapies.


While you are treating the body for osteoarthritis pain, do not neglect the power of your mind. The mind plays an important role in how you experience pain and respond to health problems. Handling stress through relaxation tactics can give a sense of control and wellness that makes it simpler to deal with pain and may also reduce anxiety, depression and sleeping issues.

Occupational Therapy

A health care provider might possibly recommend occupational therapy for an individual with osteoarthritis. Occupational therapists can help with body mechanics (discovering how to move the body in ways that do not increase pain), joint protection skills and adjusting daily activities to conserve energy.

Hired Hands Homecare can help someone with osteoarthritis to remain independent and in control of life. Hired Hands Homecare recognizes the needs of arthritis patients and provides a wide array of in-home care solutions based on each person’s needs. Contact Hired Hands Homecare’s Petaluma home care specialists at (866) 940-4343 for more information on our senior care services and to get a partner in care who can provide support when a helping hand is needed.

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