Understanding the Benefits of Palliative Care

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Understanding the Benefits of Palliative Care

Understand the benefits of palliative care to help increase quality of life.

What initially comes to your mind when you hear the words “palliative care?” For many, it’s associated with hospice care. The true goal of palliative care, however, is to obtain comfort from symptoms such as pain, vomiting and nausea that are the result of either a disease or from the treatment for that condition. There are times when this does come about at the end of life.

Dr. Eric Widera, who practices palliative care at the University of California, San Francisco, explains, “We hear this all the time: ‘They’re not ready for palliative care,’ as if it’s a stage people have to accept, as opposed to something that should be a routine part of care.”

And though palliative care, much like hospice care, focuses on maximizing quality of life, it’s advantageous at any stage in a patient’s condition for symptom management and can be utilized in combination with curative treatments.

Studies are revealing the many benefits of palliative care for patients and their families, such as notably higher scores on quality of life evaluations, a reduced occurrence of depression and emergency room visits, and even longer survival rates.

Hired Hands Homecare, experts in providing support for hospice care in Santa Rosa and surrounding areas, is always here to expand upon this care for your loved one. We believe in caring for the whole person, and our exceptional caregivers work diligently to improve the quality of life for each senior. 

Contact Hired Hands Homecare, a top-rated home care company in Santa Rosa, CA and the surrounding areas, to determine how we can assist with improving quality of life for older adults receiving either palliative or hospice care with our broad range of individualized in-home care services. We offer a free in-home evaluation, during which we can create a care plan to address specific concerns and challenges, offering solutions that supply comfort and security to seniors and a sense of relief to those who love them. 

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  1. Great article! Palliative care can considerably enhance the quality of life for those suffering from life threatening illnesses. A 2018 study even found that people with advanced lung cancer lived longer when they received palliative care.

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