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It Was THIRTY Years Ago Today!

While we absolutely love the Beatles… we’re not talking about the day “that Sgt. Pepper taught the band to play”!   On February 8, 1994 (YES, the Nineteens!) we started this little company called Hired Hands in Mill Valley!  Humble beginnings to say the least… but we made sure to have fun with it!  From Day One, our mantra and main premise was clear – Happy Employees create Happy Clients!  We knew it to be true… and we knew that by following those simple words, we could make a really positive impact on the people that we get to work with AND the families that we care for.


Today, WE move forward with THIRTY years of laughter, sweat and tears under our belts!  Together, in that time, WE have worked so very hard to brave the storms, COVID, and all the other natural disasters they could throw at us.  And WE continue to work hand in hand with the most amazing people to do all we can to help the seniors and families in our communities.  That “WE” is so very important… because WE would be nothing if it were not for all the simply outstanding Caregivers and Staff that we get to work with every single day, past and present and future!

Thank You for sharing this journey with us… and here is to celebrating this achievement and looking forward to the future!

Most Sincerely!


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