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Seven Years with Lilia!

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All of us at Hired Hands Homecare are proud to salute Lilia C as our latest Caregiver of the Month!

We have had the absolute pleasure of working with Lilia for over SEVEN years now. During that time, this is actually her THIRD time being awarded as our Caregiver of the Month, and she truly deserves it! Lilia is a highly skilled Caregiver and is active on both of our Dementia and Hospice specialty teams. Lilia is one of our most requested Caregivers by clients as a favorite. Lilia has really raised the bar when it comes to providing care outstanding for our clients. She is dependable, joyful, attentive, and is always willing to help.  Everyone at Hired Hands is grateful to have Lilia on our team, as she is an absolute pleasure to work with!

Hey Lilia… what do you have to … Read More »


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It Was THIRTY Years Ago Today!

While we absolutely love the Beatles… we’re not talking about the day “that Sgt. Pepper taught the band to play”!   On February 8, 1994 (YES, the Nineteens!) we started this little company called Hired Hands in Mill Valley!  Humble beginnings to say the least… but we made sure to have fun with it!  From Day One, our mantra and main premise was clear – Happy Employees create Happy Clients!  We knew it to be true… and we knew that by following those simple words, we could make a really positive impact on the people that we get to work with AND the families that we care for.


Today, WE move forward with THIRTY years of laughter, sweat and tears under our belts!  Together, in that time, WE have worked so very hard to brave the storms, … Read More »

Acceptance, Unity & Inclusion!

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“I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”  ~ Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

On Martin Luther King day, we honor a leader whose message of remaining resolute in the face of adversity continues to guide us in building a more equal, compassionate world. We must continue to honor his legacy by fighting injustice in all its forms. At Hired Hands Homecare, we are so very honored to have the pleasure to work side by side with such an amazing, diverse workforce. Acceptance, unity, and inclusion must become more common place in today’s society. Thank you for your role in that effort. Together, we can move mountains.

In celebration of the great Dr. King, our offices will be closed on Monday, Jan. 15, 2024.  Even though our … Read More »

Jane is Definitely Not Plain!

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Please join us in congratulating Jane as our most recent Caregiver of the Month!

Last week, we had the pleasure of surprising Jane with our Caregiver of the Month award while she was on shift with our client, Peter. Jane originally joined our Hired Hands family in February of 2015.  She had taken a brief break, and we were so happy when she returned this year!  Let’s just say that it didn’t take long for Jane to prove she is one of our Best, and quite deserving of this award!

Jane goes above and beyond each day with the care she provides. Jane is a part of our live-in team and has taken on some high acuity cases during her time with Hired Hands. She never misses a beat and is an excellent reporter, which is so important to our Clients’ well … Read More »

Who’s a Great Caregiver? Come on – it’s Juan!

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Team Hired Hands is proud to honor Juan as our latest Caregiver of the Month!  This is extra special, as we rarely award this to an individual who has been employed less than 6 months, but when we discussed this as a team, there was no question that Juan was most deserving!

Since Juan started in July, there is not a single client he has worked with that has not called to inform us how amazing he is!  Juan came to us from Tam Adult school with minimal professional caregiving experience and still in the early stages of working very hard to learn English. This can be a challenge for some but not for Juan.   Since Day One, he has jumped right in, and has been working hard and winning hearts over ever since.

As we were presenting the award to Juan, … Read More »

We Think Andi is Dandy!

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Please join us in congratulating Andi as our most recent Caregiver of the Month!

We recently had some fun with Andi, and surprised her on shift to present her with her award.  Andi is super dependable, flexible, and always eager to help in any way she can… even if that means going across counties to help our Hired Hands Clients!  She has grown into a wonderful caregiver and is always looking for opportunities to enhance her skill set.  We are grateful for Andi’s hard work and strong communication skills.  She always gives the office the best reports!

Hey Andi… what do you have to say?

“I love working for Hired Hands because it gives me a chance to do one of the things that gives me a sense of fulfillment, from helping people.  It has also allowed me an opportunity to cross paths with … Read More »

Tsengel… You’re Number One!

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HIRED HANDS is proud to honor Tsengel as our most recent Caregiver of the Month!  She became part of our Hired Hands team back in October of 2017, and has been enriching our Clients’ lives ever since.  Tsengel wholeheartedly represents our standards of “Exceptional People.  Extraordinary Care.” with her positivity, commitment to our clients she serves, and doing all she can to support our team.  We can’t say enough about Tsengel, and neither can the Clients and families that she works with!

“Can I keep her forever?”

“The connection she has made is extraordinary.”

“So much trust.”

“Just like a member of our family.”

Upon receiving this award, Tsengel replied “I am so happy to work at Hired Hands in Marin!  I always feel so supported by my team here.”

Tsengel, your commitment and dedication is evident in all you do for us and the Clients … Read More »

Tatiana Brings the Joy and Happiness!

Please join us in congratulating Tatiana as Hired Hands Homecare’s latest Caregiver of the Month!

We recently lured Tatiana into the office to present the award to her, and she was so surprised! She has been with Hired Hands for a little over a year now and is still working with some of the same ongoing clients since she started with us. It has been an absolute delight to work with Tatiana and watch her blossom into the professional Caregiver she is today! Tatiana is a beam of happiness wherever she goes, and always shows up for work with a big, infectious smile on her face. She is an amazing companion which allows her clients to maintain their dignity and independence while remaining safe and comfortable in their own homes. Every client that Tatiana has cared for has had nothing but … Read More »

Happy Labor Day!

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On this special Labor Day, Hired Hands would like to honor our absolutely incredible employees.  Our profession certainly takes a village, and it is only through tireless dedication and compassion that we can take such amazing care of the seniors and families that we serve.  From the bottom of our hearts, we say THANKS, for ALL you give, everyday!

Happy Labor Day,

Sera B… We think you’re a Sweet-Pea!

Posted on August 25th, by Mark Winter in Caregiver Careers, Caregivers, OUR Caregivers. No Comments

The HIRED HANDS HOMECARE team is proud to congratulate Sera B, as our most recent Caregiver of the Month! We actually recently lured her into the office to drop off an air mattress, so we could surprise her with our Caregiver of the Month award. Sera was speechless and honored to be recognized for going above and beyond. Sera is a regular on our Live-in Team, and has really raised the bar for super high quality care. Sera is highly skilled, dependable, flexible, and willing to help in any way she can, most recently even helping out with a client down in Fairfax in Marin!  Even though Sera has only been with Hired Hands since March, we have received MANY compliments commending Sera for her great work- including a handwritten letter and a nice mention in a clients’ obituary.  The Hired Hands team couldn’t … Read More »

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Seven Years with Lilia!

All of us at Hired Hands Homecare are proud to salute Lilia C as our latest Caregiver of the Month!

We have had the absolute...