At Home Caregivers Give Seniors What They Want

At Home Caregivers Give Seniors What They Want

ManWithCaneThere truly is no place like home, and the majority of adults age 65 and over, 90% per a study from AARP, desire to age in place in their own homes as they age. But how does that have an impact on senior independence?

Although the desire to remain living at home as opposed to moving to a nursing home is quite common, it can pose many difficulties for seniors who are in need of assistance with daily tasks such as driving, fixing meals, showering, walking, etc. The encouraging news is that senior home care in Walnut Creek, like those offered by Hired Hands Homecare, are structured to support senior independence and enhance wellbeing and confidence both inside and outside the home.

At Hired Hands Homecare, we offer expert senior care services that support seniors throughout the aging process and help them maintain the independence they desire. Our services include:

    • Escorted transportation and companionship: Being able to get out of the house to run errands and socialize with a friend are vital factors to our independence. In-home caregivers can offer transportation and even go along with older adults on outings to increase social interactions. Our caregivers are also on hand to provide companionship in the home and on the go to ensure your loved one always has a reliable friend by her side.
    • Care coordination: An in-home caregiver can make recommendations for assistive products and adaptive devices to enhance independence and coordinate the purchase of these products and services. A professional in-home care agency can also provide support with coordinating care across healthcare providers for the most efficient care transitions.
    • Exercise and activities: Physical exercise plays a vital role in sustaining a senior’s physical and mental health. In-home caregivers help provide encouragement to participate in activities and exercise to help improve the senior’s mind, body, and spirit.
  • Individualized assistance: Each senior’s care needs are different, and we can provide as much or as little care as your senior loved one needs, whether that means a little extra help at home with housekeeping, assistance to bathe safely, or a wide variety of other services. No matter what the needs may be, we have a solution to offer the peace of mind and independence he or she deserves.

Maintaining senior independence is one of our top priorities as professionals in senior home care in Walnut Creek. Contact us today online or at 925-621-7650 to learn how we can best meet your loved one’s needs.

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