Support for Family Caregivers Brings Peace of Mind

Support for Family Caregivers Brings Peace of Mind
Senior woman and husband visit with doctor

Support for family caregivers is vital for success.

“Obviously Dad can move in with me!”

More family caregivers are making this commendable choice, signifying the start of lifestyle changes they may only truly comprehend once in the middle of them. Even though the positive aspects of providing care for an older parent are immeasurable, they’re not without a number of struggles as well.

It may seem natural to take care of daily activities for a senior loved one; however, it’s not quite as instinctive as it seems initially. For example, helping a senior in the shower or bath the wrong way can result in a fall. Poor incontinence care can cause skin damage and infection. Noncompliance with a recommended nutritional plan can bring about a wide array of health complications.

It’s no wonder that in a current report shared by AARP, “Home Alone Revisited,” countless family caregivers disclosed strain regarding the potential for making an error in the care they provide. The report features responses from a survey sent to over 2,000 family caregivers, who revealed that although they thought their caregiving was making it possible for their family members to remain at home instead of a move to an assisted living or nursing home environment, they expressed anxiety over their competence to complete the tasks required.

Participants in the survey identified that the most emotionally complicated part of caregiving is incontinence care. And, approximately ¾ of family caregivers surveyed are regularly performing medical tasks connected to pain management – responsibilities for which they wished they had received better training and support from the senior’s health care team.

Heather Young, dean emerita at the Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing at the University of California, Davis (and co-author of the report) says that, “Too often (family caregivers) are unprepared and do not get the support they need to assume these important roles.”

Training and support for family caregivers is vital as they take on new and challenging tasks. Families who partner with a skilled in-home care provider, such as Hired Hands Homecare, can reduce the trepidation and anxiety in managing care at home effectively. Our caregivers are professionally trained in the many intricacies of aging care, and can provide family members with valuable assistance and education. We also offer dependable, reliable respite care services that make it possible for family caregivers to step back from their care duties while knowing their senior loved one will be safe and well cared for.

Reach out to us at (866) 940-4343 for a free in-home consultation and to learn more about our top-rated home health care in Pleasanton and the surrounding communities.

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