When Stress Impacts Alzheimer’s Care

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When Stress Impacts Alzheimer’s Care
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Learn ways to ease stress when providing Alzheimer’s care for a loved one.

Some of the busiest people working today are providing Alzheimer’s care for a senior loved one, but that’s not all. Although Alzheimer’s caregivers have their hands full with that role alone, many also work long hours at full-time jobs, shuttle the kids to school and other activities, run errands and take care of the home, and prepare dinner for the family on top of their caregiving duties. When do they have time to just relax? When providing Alzheimer’s care, it can often feel like your day never ends, and stress and poor sleep can wear down your body as well as your mind. Caregiver burnout is a real and serious condition that can result in, among other things, physical health problems, depression, feelings of being isolated, and emotional outbursts, often directed at the senior for whom you’re providing care.

To prevent caregiver burnout, it’s crucial to carve out enough time to take care of yourself. HelpGuide.org offers the simple tips below that can fit into even the most challenging days and can energize Alzheimer’s caregivers to reduce stress:

  • Exercise in short bursts throughout the day: Regular exercise keeps a person fit of course, but it also releases endorphins that keep a person content and happy. Take a 10-minute walk or do a quick workout video on YouTube as time allows.
  • Make time to play: Based on the particular stage of Alzheimer’s disease your loved one is currently in, the senior should be included in fun activities such as family gatherings, games and jigsaw puzzles. A daily dose of fun is wonderful for both the caregiver and the one receiving care.
  • Try something new: Alzheimer’s caregivers should try to learn something new, even while providing care. Pop in your headphones and listen to a podcast that teaches a foreign language or read a book while your senior loved one takes a nap. Actively learning new things strengthens mental muscles and releases harmful stress.
  • Laugh out loud: Humor is known to be an antidote to stress, sadness, and anxiety. Watch a favorite sitcom or call an old friend and just be silly. Caregivers should even permit themselves to laugh at the absurdities they and their loved one encounter.
  • Seek help: Those providing Alzheimer’s care face a number of challenges throughout the day, many of which can be completely overwhelming. When it begins to feel like too much, request help from family, friends, or a trusted home care provider, like Hired Hands Homecare, serving Pleasanton, CA and the surrounding areas.

At Hired Hands Homecare, the number one provider of dementia and hospice care in Pleasanton, CA and nearby areas, we ensure your loved one is well cared for when you need to take some time for yourself. Contact us today to learn about how our Alzheimer’s in-home care services can help you live a more stress-free life.

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