Learn How to Ease Caregiver Stress by Trading Worries for Positive Action

Learn How to Ease Caregiver Stress by Trading Worries for Positive Action

“Worrying is using your imagination to create something you don’t want.” – Abraham Hicks

Discover how to ease caregiver stress in three simple steps.

Worrying can quickly become a way of life for family caregivers. Between age-related concerns, chronic health conditions, and trying to balance a plethora of other commitments, it’s no wonder that anxious thoughts tend to overtake positive, peace-inducing ones, making it difficult to know just how to ease caregiver stress.

How Can You Alleviate Caregiver Worries?

It is possible, however, to take the energy you’re exerting for worry and changing it into productivity. These three simple steps are a great place to start:

To start, write it all down. Worrisome, anxious thoughts have a tendency to swirl haphazardly through our minds. If you write down your thoughts, it corrals them into manageable chunks, while giving you a more healthy perspective. Keep a journal close by so that when worries begin to creep in, you can hit the pause button and write down what you’re thinking.

Next, sort your worries into categories. Review what you’ve written and decide whether it fits into the category of productive or unproductive concerns. A productive worry is one that you can, to some degree, control. For example, if you’re fearful that your loved one isn’t taking medications correctly, investigate pill boxes or medication reminder services, like those provided by Hired Hands Homecare. On the other hand, an unproductive worry is something that is outside of your control, like the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. Realizing that no degree of worrying will change the outcome can help you come up with ways to cope with the problem instead of trying to fix it – like talking to a professional counselor.

Lastly, be prepared. Consider the worst-case scenario that could occur due to something you’re worried about. Then, take any steps necessary to prepare yourself for that outcome. If you’re worried about your loved one falling and sustaining a serious injury, explore ways to reduce fall risk. Hired Hands Homecare offers in-home safety assessments to detect fall risks and provide suggestions to correct them. It could be as simple as removing clutter from walking areas, removing throw rugs, and adding a couple of grab bars in the bathroom to keep the senior safe and ease your worries.

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