So Great to See Everyone!

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WOW!  Thanks to everyone who took important time out of their day to join us for our super fun Caregiver Appreciate Brunch yesterday in Santa Rosa!
We had such a great turnout, and it was wonderful to get to spend time with our amazing Caregivers both old and new!  Extra Kudos to those who brought our Clients to join in the festivities!

Can’t wait for the next one – hope you can join us then!


Siteri is a True Gift!

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All of us at Hired Hands are ecstatic to acknowledge Siteri as our most recent Caregiver of the Month!  Siteri is pictured here with our wonderful client Suki. Siteri has an amazing calm and caring demeanor when interacting Suki, which really makes the day go nicely!

We’re quite happy that Siteri was very pleased to receive this award and recognition. When she first started with us, she said she was nervous to make a change to our Team because she didn’t know anyone that worked here.  That didn’t last long, and Siteri now states that joining HH was the best decision she has ever made!

Hey Siteri, what do you have to say for yourself ?..

“Hired Hands is like family to me and the clients are an extension of that family. I have worked for other agencies and companies but never one as … Read More »

Julianne’s the Best of the Best!

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The team at Hired Hands Homecare is proud to recognize Julianne as our most recent Caregiver of the Month!  We have actually only had the opportunity to work with Julianne for about five months so far, but in that short time, she has proven to be quite a star!  In fact, one of her most compelling talents is to WOW some of our most particular clients!  Her amazing smile and personality seem to be able to win just about anyone over… and we greatly enjoy working with her.  In fact, Ms. H, one of our MOST particular clients recently commented that Julianne is the Best of the Best, and thanked us profusely for finding her a perfect match.

Congratulations Julianne – it is a pleasure to work with you, and thanks for all you do!
~The Hired Hands Homecare Team

LELA… Three Times a Charm!

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Please join us in congratulating Kelera AKA ” Lela” for being selected as Hired Hands’ latest Caregiver of the Month!  We have had the absolute pleasure of working with Lela for over three years now, and every day, she simply raises the bar for quality care.  In those three short years, this is actually her THIRD time being honored!

Lela is a key member of our special Hospice Team, and she considers it a personal calling to provide our clients and families with the most caring and compassionate care. Lela is an amazing teammate and everything she does comes from a place of love.

Here Lela is pictured with Debbie, one of our favorite clients.  When she first was discharged from the hospital, Debbie needed a great deal of care.  Under Lela’s watchful eye, Debbie’s situation has improved greatly and she is … Read More »

Lilia… Take a Bow!

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The team at Hired Hands Homecare is proud to acknowledge Lilia C as our Caregiver of the Month!  We recently surprised her as we visited her on shift with our clients, Amelie and Gratien. They were so pleased to share in the celebration and noted that Lilia has really raised the bar for their care!

Lilia has worked for Hired Hands since 2017 (SIX years!) and is a highly skilled Caregiver, being a proud member of both our specialized Dementia and Hospice Teams.  She is so dependable and flexible and willing to help in any way, and she is often requested by name.  This is actually the second time Lilia has been honored with this award and she truly deserves it!

Lilia – take a bow as the Hired Hands Homecare Team proudly salutes you!  Thanks for ALL you do!


Rightfully Honoring All Women!

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Today, we joyfully join the world as we honor and celebrate International Women’s Day!

From our humble beginnings Twenty-Nine years ago, Hired Hands Homecare has been owned, operated & staffed by some of the most compassionate and dedicated women imaginable.  During this time, we have had the amazing opportunity to work alongside literally thousands of heroes who go above and beyond the call of duty, in service to seniors in our communities.

We could not be more proud to work with such an amazing and diverse group of women, and proudly celebrate them on this special day!

The Hired Hands Homecare family

The Sweetest Human!

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Hired Hands Homecare is proud to announce Gloria as our most recent Caregiver of the Month!

Gloria has been with us only about six months, but in that time, she has done nothing but impress!  Every client and family that she has worked with has given her great compliments!  On top of that, Gloria has been super helpful to pick up extra shifts when our clients needed extra assistance, often working 7 days in a row… simply to make sure everyone is well cared for!  All in all, Gloria is honestly one of the sweetest humans we have ever met!

Gloria, THANK YOU for being you!  It is a pleasure and honor to have you on the Hired Hands Homecare Team!


Congratulations Amelie! Here’s Looking Forward to Each Day!

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Hired Hands Homecare is proud to honor Amelie as our most recent Caregiver of the Month!

Amelie is a real delight and such a kind soul.  She was brand new to the Senior Care profession, and has now been with Hired Hands for about nine months. Her older sister Azure referred her to us, knowing that she had the compassion and reliability to make an excellent Caregiver.  In her relatively short time with us, she has learned quite a lot, and continues to grow with us. While this may be her first “real job”, you would not know it, as she is regularly punctual, reliable, responsible and a great communicator.

Our clients love Amelie because she is a great companion and allows our clients to maintain their dignity and independence while residing in their private homes.  Safe and happy at home is … Read More »

Leading the Senior Care Experience!

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Hired Hands Homecare’s Team Sonoma, proudly sporting their new Leader in Experience t-shirts!

We’re extremely proud to wear this badge of honor from Home Care Pulse, the leading national firm in Quality Assurance and Experience Management for the home care industry. The Leader in Experience Award is the highest recognition awarded by Home Care Pulse and is given to select home care businesses that consistently rank among the very highest quality metrics.

This accomplishment demonstrates our long-term dedication to excellent care and quality improvement. Over a 12-month period, Hired Hands received the highest client and caregiver satisfaction ratings in areas such as caregiver training, compassion of caregivers, communication, scheduling, client/caregiver compatibility, and more.

“Quality Assurance has been a daily focus since our family started our company TWENTY-EIGHT years ago,” says Mark Winter, President. “Our entire management team strives to deliver the highest levels … Read More »

Sarah is a Shining Star!

Today, we are honored to recognize Sarah F as our most recent Caregiver of the Month!   Sarah joined the Hired Hands Homecare team just a few months ago, but has been amazing since day one.  She is always patient and professional, willing to jump in at the last minute to help when needed, and as her Clients have expressed… “extra caring”!  Recently, a family noted “We LOVE Sarah!  She is exactly the kind of Caregiver we have always wanted.  She is really engaging with Mom, is very safety conscious, super friendly, and keeps Mom mentally active and happy!”

Sarah is one of those Caregivers you wish you could clone and share with everyone.  When communicating with her, you can immediately sense her smile and positive attitude.  The Hired Hands Napa group is so appreciative to have her on our Team, and … Read More »

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