Post-Holiday Loneliness Can Be Devastating. Find Help for Lonely Seniors Here.

Post-Holiday Loneliness Can Be Devastating. Find Help for Lonely Seniors Here.

The holiday season can be filled with a whirlwind of activity for the seniors we love, with family gatherings, holiday parties, faith-based events and services, determining the ideal gifts for the ones they love, etc. However, after the holiday decorations are packed away and family members have resumed the everyday busyness of life, many seniors struggle with a prevalent but little-discussed concern: post-holiday loneliness.

Although naturally those who live alone are most susceptible to feelings of isolation and sadness when the holiday festivities are complete, all aging adults are susceptible to a case of the blues, as they look to the approaching year while reminiscing over years past. It’s crucial for family members to find help for lonely seniors that will encourage a positive transition. Give some thought to the following suggestions:

  • Start planning for the next gathering. Set a date in the coming weeks for another family function, offering the older adult and the rest of the family something pleasing to look forward to. For instance, arrange an informal New Year’s resolution check-in party for the last week of January, where each person can report on his or her progress towards resolutions that were made, and each bringing along a dish to share a potluck meal. 
  • Create a chain letter. Divide the family up into teams of five, and designate a number to each person who’d like to participate, i.e., #1 – 5. The person with #1 commits to writing a short letter during the first week of January, sending it to the #2 person, who reads and then adds to that letter and then sends to the #3 person – and so on. The final person in the sequence adds to the letter and then mails it back to the first person to read, and then a new chain can be started. Receiving ongoing mail with news about loved ones is a great pick-me-up for older individuals.
  • Partner with Hired Hands Homecare. Hired Hands Homecare’s skilled care companions are the best solution for senior loneliness! Our caregivers are proficient in motivating seniors to remain socially and physically active through a wide range of interesting activities, according to each person’s interests:
    • Reminiscing and conversations
    • Puzzles, games, and crafts
    • Exercise programs
    • Transportation and accompaniment to fun outings
    • And much more!

Let Hired Hands Homecare partner with your loved ones to provide necessary help for lonely seniors, empowering them to retain a sense of community, purpose, and connection all throughout the year. We’re available for once-weekly visits up through and including full-time, around-the-clock care and companionship contact Hired Hands Homecare, the top-rated elderly care in Pleasanton, CA and the surrounding areas, at (866) 940-4343 and request a complimentary in-home consultation to identify what will work best in your particular situation, and help make your loved ones’ coming year the best one yet!

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