Is It Possible to Juggle Work and Caregiving?

Is It Possible to Juggle Work and Caregiving?

Trying to juggle work and caregiving can have a negative impact on everyone involved.

In the modern world, it is often difficult enough to maintain a work-life balance, but that is made nearly impossible when it comes to attempting to juggle work and caregiving. Up to 25% of employed adults are providing some level of care for aging parents or family members. How do you work a full-time job when a loved one needs care around the clock? Oftentimes, it simply is not possible. Hired Hands Homecare, providing home care in Napa, CA and the surrounding areas, has tips to help.

Trying to juggle work and caregiving is stressful for all parties involved. After working a full day, an employee caring for an aging family member immediately returns to additional commitments and to-dos, leaving no time for personal interests or self-care. Working caregivers may not be able to go out to dinner after work or attend social events on weekends. This constant stress can lead to caregiver burnout, which has a negative impact on mental and even physical health.

For seniors, having a caregiver who is experiencing burnout from attempting to balance work and caregiving duties can lead to unsafe situations. The family member may not be able to give his or her loved one the time or attention necessary for safety and comfort. This could lead to loneliness on the senior’s part, or worse, an uncomfortable or unsafe environment that may negatively impact the senior’s health. 

The caregiver and senior are not the only two affected by attempts to juggle work and caregiving, though. The caregiver’s employer can also suffer. 69% of working caregivers providing care for a family member or friend report arriving to work late, leaving early, or even missing full days; forced to use sick days or take unpaid leave to provide the level of care necessary for their loved ones. Additionally, some have to refuse relocation or travel that is beneficial or necessary to their job and have lower productivity levels due to stress or exhaustion. In fact, some caregivers have to switch jobs or quit working altogether. 

If you are trying to balance work and caregiving, and quitting your job is not an option, seeking home care in Napa or the surrounding areas can be beneficial to everyone involved. Here at Hired Hands Homecare, we offer home care services ranging from transportation to medical appointments and daily living assistance to specialized dementia care and hospice support that allows family caregivers to focus on their work while knowing that their loved ones are receiving the care they need. With proper home care, family caregivers avoid feelings of burnout, seniors stay safe and comfortable, and employers maintain a productive workforce. To learn more call (866) 940-4343 or fill out our online contact form.

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